Voter turnout drops

By Drum Digital
10 May 2014

A decrease in registered voters’ turnout was recorded in comparison to the 2009 election

Voter turnout for the 2014 national elections was proportionally lower than turnout from the 2009 election, according to preliminary results from the Electoral Commission of SA's national results operations centre in Pretoria on Friday afternoon.

At 5.15pm, national ballot turnout stood at 73.41 percent, with 99.9% of the vote counted. In terms of votes, from 25,388,082 registered voters, 18,460,609 voters decided to make their mark at the ballot box.

In 2009, 77.30 percent of registered voters nationally voted. Voter turnout across all provinces was lower in 2014 compared to 2009.

The highest voter turnout in 2014 among the provinces was in KwaZulu-Natal, and the lowest in Limpopo.

  1. KwaZulu-Natal at 76.91% of registered voters made their mark.  2009 turnout was 79.87%
  2. Gauteng, at 76.54% was 2nd  - 2009 turnout was 79.06%
  3. Mpumalanga was 3rd, with 75.68% - 2009 turnout was 80.38%
  4. The Western Cape came 4th, at 74.39%. 2009 turnout was 77.78%
  5. The Northern Cape, with the least number of registered voters, was 5th with a turnout of 73.82%. 2009 turnout was 75.96%.  It was the province that also saw the smallest decline in turnout, at 2.14%.
  6. 6th position belonged to the Free State, 72.56%. 2009 turnout was 76.99%
  7. The Eastern Cape was 7th at 70.32%. 2009 turnout was 76.69%. It also saw the highest difference in voter turnout between the two elections, with a drop of 6.37%.
  8. 8th was the North West, with 68.76%. 2009 turnout was 72.6%
  9. Limpopo had the lowest voter turnout, at 63.31%. 2009 turnout was 69.62

-          Sapa

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