Voting ANC is like marrying abusive man: Marais

By Drum Digital
24 May 2013

The former Western Province Premier Peter Marais has come out against whites and coloureds that vote for ANC, saying that Whites or coloureds who vote for the ANC are like women who marry abusive men.

The vice-president of the Bruin Bemagtigingsbeweging (Brown Empowerment Movement), posted his views on his Facebook page on Wednesday.

Marais told The Star's sister newspaper the Cape Times that he was making an analogy based on abuse.

"It has nothing to do with the abuse of women. I was trying to equate the abuse of power. I was trying to draw a parallel."

He said the African National Congress do not treat coloured people well.

ANC spokesman Phillip Dexter refuted Marias statement.

"Coloured people in the Western Cape have done better under the ANC than they did under apartheid.

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