Voting day not going as smooth

By Drum Digital
03 August 2016

Although 22 612 voting stations were reportedly running as planned, some reports indicate that voting in other wards is not running as smooth.

By Brenda Sekgota

Reports of unrest and community protests were received in a few wards in the Eastern Cape, including some voting districts in Ward 16 in Ntabankulu and some voting districts in Ward 8 in Amathole.

“Security forces had been deployed to ensure voting could start as soon as possible in these areas,” The Independent Electoral Commission spokesperson Kate Bapela says.

Four motor vehicle crashes involving election staff were reported early today but no one was seriously injured. Voting was also interrupted in Strydenburg in the Northern Cape when a voter died at a voting station.

Voting will continue throughout the day until 7 pm tonight and if voters are at voting stations or in a queue at 7 pm, they’ll still be allowed to vote.

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