Vusi Nova opens up about his brother

By Misha Solanga
19 July 2017

He has always got my back

Speaking to the Fresh Breakfast team award winning musician Vusi Nova shared about how many people didn’t know that Sisa Hewana, who plays Skhumbuzo on Isidingo his brother.

The singer went on to share that they motivate each other. His big brother was was the bully since according to Vusi, “Sisa is tough and I am a softie.”

The “Ndikuthandile” singer revealed that Sisa always fought on his behalf, such a good brother.

“He’s just an amazing brother He’s always fighting my fights, I’ve had to break away from that the older that I got, we fight all the time but we love each other.”

He also revealed in the interview that he is living his dream

“I’m performing everywhere man, I keep on telling people I’m living my dream” he said to Dj Fresh.

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