Vusi Nova’s new album shares about losses in his life

By Qhama Dayile
17 October 2016

"I was afraid to say my mother had HIV"

In his latest album Naninina, Vusi Nova sings about the pain that has since riddled his heart.

He sings about the pain he endured after breaking up with his partner of four years and he also sings about losing both his parents, as well as his experience with drugs.

“I was tired of carrying all the burdens of the world on my shoulders," he said. "I want to talk about things and my album Nanninina helped me to heal because I put myself out there,” he added.

Vusi was tired of putting on a happy face in order to look perfect. “At some point I used to lie to people and say my mother died of cancer because I was afraid to say my mother had HIV. I was too scared to say I once took drugs to numb pain,” he said.

Vusi hopes that people going through the same could find healing through his music and can relate as all the songs on the album have significance.

“I want my music to have lasting power, to be heard even when I am no longer alive.”

After all the pain and hurt, Vusi says he still believes in love and he hopes one day to find peace and fall in love with the right person.

Vusi Nova’s album Naninina has gone gold and is sitting at number one on the Musica charts.

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