Vusi: Up close and personal

By Drum Digital
16 November 2016

Afro Pop star Vusi Nova has been in the music industry for a couple of years now, and his been hailed as one of the countries most talented vocalists

But, despite all that praise and award nominations , it seems he never quite broke through that ceiling to great scales and wild popularity.

But the tide has turned. The 'Did it for love' singer is peaking barely two months into the release of his fourth album, Naninina, which is doing exceptionally well. "Naninina is by far my best album," Vusi tells us.

"Its almost at platinum (50 000 copies) now and I am over the moon about it. This is every artists dream, to have people respond so well to your music."

The Muso, who's real name is  Vusumzi Nongxa, says he believes the reason his album is doing so well is because this time he decoded to be open about his personal experiences.

He feels this will make people relate to his stories and therefore his music.

"The title track, Naninina, is a song dedicated to my late parents. It's about their love," he explains.

"The rest of the album is about my four year relationship, which just ended recently. It's a very personal story."

"I am thankful for all the support for this album because it's very personal to me, and it's humbling that it's been received so well."

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