Walking with Zuma is like walking with God: Block

By Drum Digital
27 March 2014

ANC Northern Cape chairman John Block believes that walking with President Jacob Zuma is like walking with God

, The Star reported on Thursday.

"[Zuma] you are the only candidate we have for the elections. We are already talking about the future [beyond May 7] because we are not walking this path alone, sihamba nomfundisi [we are walking with a priest]," he was quoted as saying.

"Xa uhamba nomfundisi kufana nokuthi uhamba noThixo [when you are walking with a priest, it is like you are walking with God]."

Block was speaking at the Jim Summers Hall in Kimberley on Wednesday where Zuma was visiting.

Zuma said a future without the ANC was inconceivable.

"Without the ANC, I don't know what South Africa would be like," he said."

-by Sapa

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