Warning of Heatwave and tips to stay cool

By Drum Digital
29 November 2016

South Africans are urged to brace themselves today as the South African Weather Service sent out warnings of a heatwave


It’s going to get hotter in Gauteng from today until Friday with temperatures reaching 34 degrees Celsius in Johannesburg today.

The Department of Water and Sanitation is still urging South Africans to use water sparingly and save as the drought in the country continues.

The heatwave comes despite heavy rainfalls that caused floods and damaged infrastructure and people’s property.

According to The Department of Water and Sanitation, heavy rainfalls have improved South Africa’s water levels. However, there is still a call for South Africans to save water.

Russel Meiring, spokesperson at emergency services ER24, says South Africans should follow the following tips to deal with the heatwave:

  • Stay out of the midday sun. Heatwaves are generally at their highest between 11 am -2 pm.

  • Wear a hat and high SPF sunscreen.

  • Stay hydrated by drinking water and cool liquids but stay clear of energy drinks that have caffeine, as caffeine makes you urinate and lose water.

  • If you feel overwhelmed by the heat, move yourself to a cool area out of the sun and possibly next to an air conditioner.

  • If you are in need of medical help please call 084 124 for ER24’s emergency assistance.

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