Watch: Ayanda Ncwane's letter to her deceased husband

By Drum Digital
09 December 2016

Although Ayanda wrote the letter, she herself was not the one to read the heart felt letter

She had asked her sister to read the letter she wrote to hundreds of mourners who gathered at the Grace Bible Church in Soweto to pay tribute to the former gospel star Sfiso Ncwane.

Parts of the letter read as follow: “Mission accomplished dearest husband. Who am I to question God after I have seen him through you my love.”

“You declared me the most beautiful woman you ever laid your eyes on. You treated me like a queen.”

“I didn’t know what you meant when you said, love ‘I need you to be strong because I’m about to go away on a world tour now that I am not afraid of flying. I am sure that your death was a secret plan between you and God. A perfectly designed plan. God will refer to you as his humble son.”

She ended the letter off by saying: “goodnight my babe and see you in the morning.”

Video source: Youtube/TimesLive

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