WATCH: Bullying turns schools into battlefield over power

By Drum Digital
08 December 2016

The Department of Education says bullying among learners is a way for children to exert their powers over others.

By Salome Tsoka

The Department spokesperson, Elijah Mhlanga, says while schools have guidelines and policies to prevent bullying, it will continue because it is part of human nature.

“Schools have become a battle field which we cannot accept,” he says. “We don’t want these bullying incidents to continue in our schools.”

CEO of The Federation of Governing Bodies of South Africa (Fedsas), Paul Colditz, school bullying incidents are increasing across the country and the internet is adding to the problem.

“It is not only verbal or physical bullying that is a problem but cyberbullying too which is difficult to monitor or control,” he says. “We try to assist schools to draft policy to control and combat all forms of bullying.”

This comes after two bulling incidences twere captured by cell phone and circulated on social media.

The first video emerged over the weekend where one girl is seen being pressed up against a wall while being beaten up by another at Lückhoff High school in Stellenbosch in the Western Cape.

A second video emerged from the same school on Tuesday which captured a student grabbing the ponytail of another before bashing her knees.

Western Cape Department of Education spokesperson, Jessica Shelver, says they are aware of both bullying incidents and they are viewing them in a “serious light”.

“Disciplinary hearings are scheduled for both incidents this week and the victims in both instances are receiving counselling,” she says.

“The school acknowledged they have challenges at the school and that running a punitive process as they have been, simply isn’t working.”

The school district will partner up with Child Welfare in Stellenbosch, the community and teachers at the school to combat bullying.

Please Note: The following videos show graphic incidences of bullying

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