WATCH: Exercises to develop a six-pack

By Drum Digital
09 January 2017

Would you like to work on that six-pack you’ve always wanted?

Watch personal trainer Neo Malao demonstrate exercises to get you started.

Warm up for five minutes (running on the spot, for example) Aim for two sets of 15 repetitions over two sets.

“Abs are made in the kitchen,” Neo says. “Your food intake is also important. Cut down on sugars and  avoid fizzy drinks. Eat low G.I. foods (for example, oats, brown rice and wheat bix) and stay away from white rice, pasta or pap; eat red meat sparingly and rather focus on tuna and chicken breast. You can snack on unsalted peanuts,” he suggests.


Please note these exercises are for men and women in reasonable health. If not sure about your fitness, please do a general check-up with your doctor first.

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