WATCH: I don't know Jennifer Lopez- Mariah Carey

By Drum Digital
18 May 2016

Mariah Carey says Jennifer Lopez and her are not friends and she won't pretend.

Singer and actress Jennifer Lopez seems to have been denied friendship from fellow singer and actress Mariah Carey.

In an interview with Andy Cohen on 'Watch What Happens Live' Mariah threw jabs at Jennifer Lopez who said Mariah knows her.

When Andy asked her if she knows Jennifer, Mariah mercilessly replied "I don't know her". She played it off saying "apparently I'm very forgetful because I don't remember the fact that it was just like 'Hi, I'm so and so' and then move on".

Mariah also said that if she has never had a conversation with someone and they asked her about someone, she'd say "I don't know him but he seems cool or I don't know him", so Andy asked her if Jennifer seemed cool and said; "I don't know her, like what am I supposed to say? like I"m not gonna put on a thing like we're all Hollywood and lets all pretend we're best friends."

Mariah set the record straight, she and Jennifer are not friends.

Here's a look at the interview with Mariah setting the record straight;

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