WATCH: Is EFF leader Julius Malema a bully?

By Drum Digital
23 October 2014

A Limpopo man wants EFF leader Julius Malema punished following a brawl at a take-away outlet in Limpopo, says AfriForum deputy chief executive Ernst Roets.

A Limpopo man wants EFF leader Julius Malema punished following a brawl at a take-away outlet in Limpopo, AfriForum deputy chief executive Ernst Roets said on Thursday.

"He said he is particularly vexed and angry about the fact that he experienced a matter with a politician abusing his power," Roets told reporters in Pretoria.

According to a sworn statement and CCTV footage, Cassie Moller became involved in a confrontation with the Economic Freedom Fighters' leader at the counter of a fast food outlet in Tzaneen around 2am on August 6.

"He views it as a matter of a politician feeling as being above the law," Roets said of Moller.

"If you are famous and you enter a restaurant and push someone around there will be consequences."

Roets said charges of assault, intimidation and crimen injuria were laid at the Tzaneen police station on Thursday.

"While I was looking in front of me, I felt a heavy slap on my back," Moller said in his statement, read by Roets.

"When I turned around, there was a person standing very close to me and who asked me in a very hostile way: 'Who do you think you are?'"

Moller said Malema called him a "boer".

"He started telling us 'get out, get out' and he called me a 'boer' again. His tone of voice clearly showed his intention to use the word in a derogatory manner."

According to the statement Moller said that at 2.45am he had asked staff why the two hamburgers his wife had ordered at 2.29am were taking so long.

Moller wanted a refund "as there was no indication that our order was going to be delivered".

Malema, accompanied by several men, entered and allegedly slapped him from behind. Moller said he and his wife were surrounded.

"Malema continued to push me around and I continued to explain that I just wanted to ask for a refund and go home. I noticed that more people started flocking together and I became panic-stricken," Moller said.

"I was especially concerned for my wife because I would not have been in a position to protect her from the group of men. It was a very intimidating situation."

Moller said Malema became increasingly aggressive.

"He started shouting louder and swore at me in the words 'fuck you, you boer. Fuck you'.

"He also said 'I will fuck you up!' He then pushed me hard."

In the video, which does not have sound, Malema pushes Moller and points a finger him. Several men restrain Malema.

Roets said AfriForum provincial co-ordinator Morne Mostert was helping Moller lay the charges.

Explaining why the charges were only being laid two months later, Roets said they had problems getting the CCTV footage.

"Initially the manager at the restaurant did not want to provide us the footage. The manager requested us to go the legal route and have our attorneys speak to her attorneys," said Roets.

"The legal route was followed. We received the footage two weeks ago."

The EFF could not immediately be reached for comment.


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