WATCH: One on one with Dream Team

By Drum Digital
05 May 2015

DREAM TEAM weigh in on Boity, Minnie and Bonang

Hip hop group Dream Team is slowly becoming one of the most sought after rap acts. DRUM caught up with the Durban based crew of Saso, Dash and Trey to speak about everything from music to Bonang, Minnie and Boity.

Listen in:

Tell us about your single.

Saso: Our latest single is called 'Whats your name' and we're featurign Donald and NaakMusiqit dropped in February and is doing really well.

What made you guys this successful?

Dash: Patience, hard-work and just taking our time to deliver proper material and represent ourselves, so that we are not lying to the people , just so that we can blow up and become famous. People picked up that we are authentic and original.

What are the three things that people would be surprised to know about Dash?

Trey: Dash just recently learnt how to drive and he is sensitive.

If you were to choose who would you pick; Bonang, Minnie or Boity?

Dash: Well I would...

Check their answer and full interview.

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