WATCH: Unexpected blows between passengers aboard a flight

By Drum Digital
03 May 2017

A brave airhostess tries to break up the fight.

At this stage, no one knows what exactly led to an obscene fight between two men aboard a plane. The incident took place on Monday, minutes before the plane was set to take flight from Tokyo to Los Angeles.

The one moment passengers were taking their seats in preparation for the 11-hour flight, when the next moment, an older man in a bright red shirt tackled a younger man.

Not one of the two is (fortunately) quite competent in their fist-flinging abilities, but the messy blows that occasionally hit its target, were more than enough to frighten passengers and cause children to cry.

At one point, the younger man calls the older man ‘crazy’.

A brave air-hostess tries to break up the fight. The older man eventually chooses the highway but soon after, the two are back at it again. His bright red shirt is now in shreds…

Again the poor air-hostess tries to bring about peace. The person, who caught the entire ordeal on video, Cory Hour, says it was with the second assault that he entered the arena. According to him, the older man gave up because Cory was more his size. The man was removed from the plane and, according to a statement released by All Nippon Airways, currently in custody.

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