WATCH: Woman shoots at house intruders

By Drum Digital
13 May 2015

A video of a home intrusion has been posted on YouTube by a homeowner in Port Elizabeth, after his partner shot at, but missed, the intruders.

In the beginning of the video, the house is empty except for the homeowners' cats roaming the halls. Suddenly, three unknown men sneak their way upstairs.

One of the perpetrators gets hold of the woman's handbag. Later, they make their way around their house carrying knives allegedly taken from the kitchen.

The woman and the man are asleep in different bedrooms but it's the woman that comes out with her gun and shoots at the suspects, who allegedly used the window to escape.

The man runs down the stairs as soon as he hears the shots, gun in hand, but the men had already made their exit – luckily for them, it seems!

Watch the video below:

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