Water: The magic liquid

By Drum Digital
29 August 2014

Learn more about all the great things water can do for your hair and skin.

We know it's one of nature's greatest wonders and that it is great for our hair, skin, nails and general health.

Here are some creative ways to add to the ways water already enriches your hair.

Be generous with your water spritzers

Whenever your hair feels a little dehydrated, spritz a little bit of water onto it. You can add essential oils like olive oil to enrich the spritzer but be easy on the product overload. The spritzer works particularly for natural hair as straight or relaxed hair may have its texture affected by this.

Seal moisture in 

Always look for light, creamy moisturisers as these are generally water-based. To add to the moisture, spritz some of you oil/water combo into your hair before actually moisturising your hair.

Relaxed hair loves water, too

Water does wonders for all kids of hair so there's no reason relaxed hair should miss out on the fun. Drinking water helps keep you hydrated overall, which is great for your hair as well.


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