We beat cancer!

By Drum Digital
19 November 2010

HE dreamt of spending his golden years focusing on his passions for soccer, boxing and history.

But no sooner had he retired after 24 years as a petrol station cashier, than he was hit by a bombshell – he had prostate cancer.

It was a diagnosis that most of us would see as a death sentence, but pensioner Peter moshoenyane refused to take it lying down.

Now his brave fight against cancer has seen him appearing in his finest threads on the cover of the prestigious 2011 moments in Time calendar. Best of all, it’s an image he created himself to reflect who he is.

The eagerly-awaited annual fundraising calendar is an inspiring reminder to those who are battling cancer. And this year’s edition, recently launched, is not called This moment Is Your Life for nothing.

The message of hope and encouragement it sends out comes from the very hearts of the men, women and children who’ve beaten various cancers and now live to appreciate every moment of their lives.

Now in its ninth year, the money raised by the project goes towards helping cancer patients who don’t have medical aid.

Read the full article in the Drum of 25 November 2010

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