We need to fight teenage pregnancy: Motsoaledi

By Drum Digital
29 October 2013

We need to fight the increasing number of teenage pregnancies in the country: Minister of Health Aaron Motsoaledi

Most teenage girls do not plan to get pregnant, but many do find themselves in this situation. Minister of Health Aaron Motsoaledi says this kind of situation needs to be fought hard. Speaking at the launch of Health Systems Trust's 2012/13 District Health Barometer the minister said we need to fight the increasing number of teenage pregnancies in the country. "To me, it is going to be something very worthwhile... because I don't think we should keep on moaning about teenage pregnancy without waking up and doing something about it." According to the statistics that Motsoaledi delivered teenage deliveries decreased in comparison to last year’s numbers. Howeverthe decrease in deliveries does not mean there are less pregnancies. "I would like to see the accelerated reduction of teenage pregnancies. You are aware that maternal mortality among young women is significantly higher than their older counterparts," Motsoaledi said. "There is no way of trying to stop it [younger women dying] inside the hospital during deliveries. It has to be stopped right where it is happeningand that is among these very young girls."

The minister also bemoaned the increase in the rate of caesareans in public healthcare facilities is concerning."

It is not a very good development that the natural method of giving birth is now being forgotten and is slowly but surely being replaced by something else," he said.

-   SAPA

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