Weave talk

By Drum Digital
14 May 2014

Hairstylist Isaac Letele got together with presenter Khanya Mkhangisa to talk weaves and share their knowledge with DRUM readers

When it comes to weaves legendary hairstylist and Sofn’Free’s official hair expert, Isaac Letele, knows what he’s talking about. He shares styling tips with Khanya Mkhangisa, presenter and hair and beauty ambassador.

KHANYA: Name five hair care products a weave should not live without?


A moisturing shampoo and conditioner: This cleanses your scalp, own hair and piece without harshly stripping the shiny coating off the extensions.

 Silicone: It’s great for weaves as it seals cuticle and adds gloss without weighing the piece down.

Dry shampoo: It’s convenient, you can keep your scalp oily free in-between washes and also helps prevents any odour.

A non-greasy scalp treatment: Grease does not agree with weaves, it weighs the strands down and cause tangles. Look for a product with a nozzle to apply directly onto the scalp.

Natural bristle brush: This is absolutely important when wearing remy extension as they behave more like real hair than most extensions. You need to brush them regularly to untangle knots.

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