Weave Wisdom

By Drum Digital
08 October 2014

Certain rules for buying and wearing weaves/wigs can save your hair and money.

Here are some of the most important to keep in mind:

Don’t put a wig or weave on top of damaged or over-processed hair

Weaves and wigs can destroy your hair, especially around the edges. Don’t assume a wig serves the same purpose as a stylish hat; it is more invasive than that.

Educate yourself on the quality of hair you’re buying

The cheaper the weave/the wig, the more likely it is to be less friendly to your hair and scalp. If it’s blending with your natural hair beware of harsh tracks/combs/textures. The more pricey wigs and weaves are more likely to better cater to the care of your scalp and hair underneath.

Weaves and wigs MUST be removed regularly

You must prioritise the health of your own hair over stretching your style out as long as possible. While going to the hair salon to have your weave washed, treated ad styled is good practice, it doesn’t exempt your own hair from a breather and the same care.

Weaves and wigs can put the most stress on your edges

They are also usually the toughest sections of your hair to get back in good health. Treat them well, always.


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