"We'd rather be safe than sorry" - Parmalat

By Drum Digital
10 February 2015

Parmalat has recalled PureJoy juice to contain a situation that could go out of hand.

This morning, dairy manufacturer Parmalat began recalling contaminated 200ml PureJoy apple juice that it distributed last year.

Parmalat spokesperson André Mahoney revealed to Drum that the contamination has been due to a lack of procedural follow through.

"It was a combination of new technology that we brought on board and us not not going about procedures properly," comments Mahoney.

Mahoney says the recall of the entire batch of manufactured juice is precautionary.

"We'd rather be safe than sorry. Even though we believe that about 60 litres have been contaminated, we have decided to recall the whole batch," he says.

The company believes that the contaminated batch can be narrowed down to the Western Cape area but have nonetheless employed national-based strategies to make consumers aware of the contamination.

"We sent out press releases, we've given retailers notice and have encouraged them to notify consumers by placing notices on shelves," Mahoney continues.

The company plans on compensating consumers who have fallen ill because of their product as well as those who have a contaminated box in their possesion. "We will do whatever we can do compensate for this. For those that have fallen ill, we will cover medical costs and we will refund consumers or give vouchers to those that are in possession of affected products." This is limited to 200ml boxes of apple juice and does not translate to any other products manufactured by Parmalat. The batch code for the contaminated product is P 14.12.14 (production date), E 14.12.15 (expiry date) AND P 15.12.14,  E 15.12.15

If customers feel nauseous, have abdominal pain, or an irregular production of saliva after having drunk the juice, should seek medical attention immediately.

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