Wena I'll deal with you -Euphonik

By Drum Digital
24 May 2017

Euphonik said he will teach the guy a lesson

DJ and businessman Euphonik is known for saying things as they are, and especially on social media.

So recently when a guy accused Euphonik of DMing his girlfriend on Twitter, he took the guy to task and told him where to get off.

"Wena I'll deal with you later today. In the meantime you must pretty please screen grab what I said and post it. You want to be famous hey?” Euphonik tweeted.

"You forgot ?? Should I screenshot?? Nah I leave the fame part to people like you. I like being behind the scenes," the guy responded. Euphonik didn't let the issue go: "You're not retarded. I just said post it," he replied.

The guys went at it until Euphonik said if the guy didn't send the screenshots he’ll sue him because his insinuations are damaging to his brand.

"So after proving it what will happen??" the guy asked. "1. We all learn a lesson. 2. I sue u for reputational damage. 3. I use the peanuts I get from that to support your girls hair business," Euphonik fired back!

Safe to say, the guy has been silenced.

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