'We're claiming the Qunu house, not the money'

By Drum Digital
05 February 2015

Some media reports have claimed that Winnie Mandela's claim of the Qunu house is causing a delay in Nelson Mandela's will distribution to its beneficiaries but Winnie's lawyer claims that they are not the cause.

The claim by media that Winnie Mandela's ownership contestation of the Qunu house is delaying the distribution of Nelson Mandela's will to its beneficiaries is being denied by his lawyer.

Mvuzo Notyesi has revealed to DRUM that Winnie's claim of the Qunu house cannot be the cause of the beneficiaries' inability to access what has been left to them.

"We're claiming the Qunu house, not the money. And how is this claim affecting distribution?" he asks.

"We have already given in all our papers on the 21st of October but we are yet to receive an opposing affidavit from the beneficiaries or their lawyers," he adds.

Notyesi thinks the lack of opposition from the beneficiaries and their representatives has to do with the attorneys making money.

"The lawyers are obviously making money from this. The more the estate is being delayed, the more money the lawyers make," he claims.

Efforts to contact one of the beneficiaries' representatives, Ledwaba Mazwai, for comment have been unsuccessful.

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