We're still going strong

By Drum Digital
04 October 2013

Prosper and his wife Tina made headlines for the wrong reasons in the past but the couple is now determined to make their marriage work and focus on positive things.

THEY may be one of Mzansi’s most misunderstood couples but for now the two love birds look tight and cosy.

When we meet the controversial couple they’re hugging, kissing and gazing lovingly into each other’s eyes as they share an intimate moment of apparent devotion.

Watching Prosper Mkwaiwa and his wife, Tina Dlangwana, gush over each other is something we’re not used to seeing. The past year has been crammed with so much scandal and rumour that it’s hard to imagine how they can act as if nothing has happened. “It’s all about growth and maturity,” Prosper tells us. “We’ve been through a lot in our relationship and we don’t see things the same way we did three or four years ago.

We’ve both made a lot of mistakes, but we’ve learnt to forgive and move forward.”

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