What Aloe Vera can do for your hair

By Drum Digital
07 October 2014

It's known to be good particularly for skin problems such as acne, burns, and scars, but did you know aloe was good for your hair and scalp too?

The aloe vera plant is a member of the lily and onion family. It has been used in medicines and traditional home remedies for years.

Here are some great benefits of using aloe vera:

  • The same way aloe helps with a sunburn by adding soothing moisture and taking away the sting, it can do so for your scalp.

  • ¬†Aloe helps soothe dry, dead skin. It's also a great option for a pre-shampoo to remove dandruff and dry flakes.

  • Consider adding pure aloe vera juice to your shampoo to increase its moisturizing factor.

  • When you style your hair and use aloe products, the style's quality is significantly enhanced by this soothing plant.


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