What are the risks? Wig vs Weave

By Drum Digital
28 April 2014

Your natural hair care is at the centre of this debate.

WIGS: Other than the fact that they can fall off if not placed properly.

With a wig there are no risks of damaging your natural hair, because the wig is easily removable and allows for hair care.

WEAVES: Weaves tend to have a damage risk involved with usage, depending on the instalment method.

A sew-in stays in for long a long time and if the hair is braided improperly (too tight) it can definitely lead to natural hair loss.

If you use the bonding method of installing your weave, the glue can tear out your natural hair in the removal process.

When removing the hair glue you should use a bonding remover or a grease based product to make it easier to remove the hair tracks.


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