What is amla?

By Drum Digital
12 November 2014

Do you know what amla is and what it can do for your hair?

You've probably seen the little green bottle with the oil in it at hair specialty stores. Maybe you've got friends who swear by it. Hair product manufacturers have also recently advertised their use of this oil. But, do you know what amla is and what it can do for your hair?

Growth, hair loss and premature graying:

When used as a hair treatment, amla oil is typically applied directly to the scalp.

It has long been used in ayurvedic medicine and is thought to strengthen the hair follicles and condition hair.

It is also said to treat dry, itchy scalps.

How to use it:Amla oil is often applied after shampooing hair and used in place of a conditioning product. It is typically massaged into the strands so that it completely covers hair (from the roots to the tips) and then covered with a shower cap. After sitting for 15 minutes or more, the amla oil is then thoroughly rinsed from the hair with warm water.

Amla oil can have a strong, musky smell, so it may not be suitable as a leave-in conditioner or styling product unless used sparingly.Amla shampoo and hair powder?

Amla oil can also be featured as an ingredient in shampoos and is available in a variety of hair powders.

Amla powder can be mixed with warm water that creates a paste-like consistency. It is then applied to dry, clean hair as a hair treatment.

This mixture is said to increase the hair’s softness and thickness.HEY FRAN HEY

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