What it's like to be an Idols SA judge

By Drum Digital
21 January 2016

Ever wondered what is required of you to serve on the Idols SA judges panel? Do you want to live like a rock star... well, sort of?

Ever wondered what is required of you to serve on the Idols SA judges panel? Do you want to live like a rock star... well, sort of?

Here are some of the outlined agreements (we are paraphrasing of course), based on court papers filed by axed Idols judge Gareth Cliff this week:

1) Your ride is sorted

Firstly, the producers SIC Entertainment, will do all your travel arrangements to and from the airport as well as to and from recordings for the programme, as well as any other appearances that you are required to do for the show.

If you feel like you are not getting along with the provided driver, using your own transport is also welcome; just remember to keep those receipts.

2) Your bed is ready

Trouble with sleeping arrangements? No need to worry. Accommodation "on a bed and breakfast basis" will be provided to ensure you make no appearance with an empty stomach.

3) Business class all the way

Tired of economy class flights? Being an Idols judge will have you upgraded to business class in no time.

4) Daily allowance

Should you be in need of an extra lunch or maybe even just have an urge to buy a DVD or CD at your non-local Musica, then the R100 per day out of town allowance might just help you with that.

5) You're not an employee

It should be noted extreme caution needs to be taken when updating your CV by adding “Employed by M-Net as a judge on Idols” as you won’t be regarded as an employee of M-Net or SIC entertainment.

“...the Judge is an independent contractor and not an employee of the Producer or the Broadcaster,” the agreement stipulates.

6) No keeping mementos

If the companies decide that you will no longer be a judge, then prepare to “deliver to the Producer all manuscripts, drafts, photographs, books, plans, drawings, accounts, papers, equipment and documents of whatever nature” in your possession that might be related in any way to the business or programme.

7) Your monthly salary

If you do get selected to serve as a judge for Idols you get to pocket some extra spending money – R35 616 per month over a period of 10 months to be exact.

8) Bye, Felicia

You will, however, not be allowed to make disparaging or derogatory comments regarding the broadcaster or any other parties related to Idols SA.

Please note: Any acts of racism will result in your immediate dismissal, unless of course it doesn’t

Source: News24

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