What not to do when the going gets tough

By Drum Digital
19 January 2015

Here are some things to avoid doing when things get tough.

Marriage, as with all relationships, is no bed of roses. When problems arise, we may not always know how to navigate the difficulty.

Here are some things to avoid doing when things get tough:

Blaming each other, or yourself

The blame game is no good for the both of you as it keeps you focusing on problems instead of solutions.

Avoiding the issue

The problems, no matter how daunting they seem, must be tackled head on. Take as much time as you need, but do face them.

Shutting down

This is similar to the above point. Pretending the issues don’t exist and removing yourself from them only makes your partner feel isolated which makes it all much worse. Be present and willing to WORK.

Confiding in others

There is only room in a marriage for two. That’s not just an adage, it is a truth. Unless you’re seeking professional help as a couple, confiding in others (no matter how well meaning they are) is not a good idea.


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