What the 30's have taught Azania

By Drum Digital
18 May 2016

I like the person that I see in my body- Azania

Radio personality and business woman Azania Mosaka is one of the loved personality in Mzansi, and ever since she left her very successful show Total Bliss on Metro FM after a decade she has been missed. Even though Azania joined Power FM (which she subsequently left) and now Talk Radio 702, most people still love her from her Metro FM days.

Azania recently turned 39 and she says her 30's have brought with them a couple of lessons. Speaking to Essays Of Africa magazine Azania says, "This is the decade I changed careers and got divorced."

Azania says that if she was to look at her life she is doing better than ever right now; "If I was doing a check of things, I would say I am better than ever. I am bolder than ever before, gentler than ever before, both to myself and others," she explains to the magazine about being in her 30's.

"I am less impulsive and impatient than I was when I was younger. I am also less erratic. I like the person that I see in my body; I'm happy to be in this skin, with this mind, living the life I live," she opens up to Essays Of Africa.

Source: Essays Of Africa Magazine

Picture: Instagram

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