What to do with your money before 30

By Drum Digital
28 August 2014

Some smart things to do with your finances as a young twenty-something year-old.

Here's a list of things to have done by he time you turn 30.

You'll be proud you did!

Create an emergency fund

This money should be your source of sanity in the unfortunate case of a car accident, an injury or retrenchment.

It should have enough for six months worth of your expenses and be clear of fluctuation.

Stop keeping up with the Joneses

At some point the desire to live up to other people's expectations of what your lifestyle should be, should wear off.

If you plan to live a happy life, you need to find the joy in doing things according to what you can afford and what feels right.

Pay off your debt

Whether it's a student loan or a clothing account, try to get rid of anything that'll have you walking into your 30s with financial stresses.

Start saving for retirement

It really is never too early, you'll be grateful you did this later in life.

Manage your credit

If you can't afford it cash, you probably can't afford it at all. Careful of the allure of credit. Have a very carefully selected and short list of things to buy on credit.

Splurge on a meaningful experience

Nobody likes a stingy person. Where you can tell that you're going to be spending on a memorable experience, go for it. Those are moments you'll keep with you for life.


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