What to expect from Bonang's reality show

By Drum Digital
14 July 2017

I think the reality show will open up a beautiful layer of what people haven't seen - Bonang

So the day has finally arrived, a day many have been anticipating, the day media personality Bonang Matheba's reality show premieres. Bonang had been mum for a couple of months when people speculated that she was recording a reality show, and in March this year she let out the 'cat from the bag' and announced that she was indeed shooting a reality show.

The show which is called Being Bonang will feature and show a side to the star that she says not many have seen. The show will show some of the close relationships in her life including the one she has with her man rapper AKA. "What the reality show is going to show is that we are simple people who wake up and do the same things as everyone else. What we do just happens to put a smile on people's faces. All we want to do is make people smile. I think the reality show and book will open up a beautiful layer of what people haven't seen," Bonang told TshisaLive recently.

Ever since the show was announced there were many reactions to it and we wonder how people will react to it as its first episode airs tonight. And with a new book, a new cooking show and this reality show, Bonang continues to show why she is indeed the Queen of South Africa's entertainment industry.

Being Bonang airs on VuzuAmp at 7:30 pm today.

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