What to keep in mind when grocery shopping

By Drum Digital
05 June 2014

How to outsmart your supermarket and save money

Supermarkets are perfectly honed marketing environments, benefiting from millions of rands of research into how to encourage and seduce us into buying and spending more than we need.

Supermarkets' tactics to get us to spend more:

  • Sweets and magazines placed by the till: these are impulse buys, so putting them near the till gives stores one last attempt to grab our cash.
  • Store layouts make us walk the whole distance - Regularly bought items tend to be spread around the store, so we need to pass many other tempting goodies to complete our shopping.
  • Eye-level products are the profitable ones - The most profitable stock is placed at eye-level (or children’s eye-level if it's targeted at them), yet profitable goods tend not to be the best deals for shoppers. The age-old adage "look high and low for something" really does apply.
  • Sales-type signage for non-sales items - Seedless grapes and other attractive treats are usually near the store entrance, often below cost price, to entice us in. Similar signs and displays are used elsewhere to promote deals, even when they're not on sale.
  • Bright colours and the words - "discount" and "sale" make us feel good, yet the reduction may be pennies and cheaper equivalents hidden elsewhere.


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