What to watch this weekend

By Drum Digital
02 October 2014

Here is what movies to watch this weekend.


Die Hard With A Vengeance

e.tv (DStv channel 194) 20:30

Bruce Willis returns as misfit cop John McClane in the third film in the Die Hard series. McClane has fallen on hard times; after moving to New York City and breaking up with his wife, he's developed a drinking problem and has been suspended from the NYPD. However, his past comes back to haunt him in the form of Simon (Jeremy Irons), a terrorist bomber who has been using McClane as his contact as he plants a series of bombs in public places and gives McClane inane "clues" to their whereabouts in the form of riddles and bizarre games.

The Pianist

SABC3 (DStv channel 193) 21:00

In this Oscar-winning drama is a world-class pianist Jewish forced the horrors of life under Nazi control to see his family while under their oppression suffer. At the same time there is a compassionate Nazi soldier who tried to help the pianist.


e.tv (DStv channel 194) 23:10

There is a bomb on a bus and all people can prevent it exploding, a policeman and one of the passengers; those trying defuse the bomb while the bus is moving at more than 90 km / h. If it’s any slower, the bomb exploded.



SABC3 (DStv channel 193) 20:00

A wedding is a time for love, joy and happiness. . . but two bridesmaids who all out to prove they are the bride’s best friend. But that’s exactly what this brilliant comedy with Kristen Wiig in the lead role happened.

Night At The Museum: Battle Of The Smithsonian

e.tv (DStv channel 194) 20:00

Ben Stiller is back as security guard Larry Daly, and this time he his friends, part of the museum exhibition and night life, help when they accidentally to another museum shipped.

Just Wright

etv (DStv channel 194) 21:35

A physical therapist must treat a basketball star for a serious injury - and finds herself falling for him. However, he is more interested in her childhood friend. Queen Latifah, Common.

Planet Of The Apes

e.tv (DStv channel 194) 22:10

In this new version of the classic movie of 1968 with Charlton Heston in the lead role, Mark Wahlberg plays an astronaut on a planet crashes and then find out that it apes the dominant species, not mankind. And they are more violent and aggressive than you can imagine.



e.tv (DStv channel 194) 20:00

Sam Worthington plays the tough former soldier and paraplegic after a different planet sent a simulated alien control. His task? The aliens to convince people go to their sacred tree on top of a huge mineral deposit on earth trillions of dollars worth. The problem? He falls in love with one of the aliens.

We’re The Millers

M-Net (DStv channel 101) 20:05

An incompetent drug dealer gets knee deep in debt to his supplier and all outcome to Mexico to travel to a pack up. . . Well, actually a whole load of high-grade marijuana. He must return to America with the help of “friends”, which he paid to pretend they are his loving family with whom he was on holiday.

The X-Files: I Want to Believe

e.tv (DStv channel 194) 23:20

FBI agents Mulder and Scully, a few years after the first film reunited, this time to a priest that not only claims that he visions of a missing FBI agent gets, but secrets about space creatures.

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