What would you say to your #DearCrush?

By Misha Solanga
04 July 2017

Do you ever think about what you would like to say to your crush if you had the courage to? Well, people took to twitter with #DearCrush and my oh my did it trend. It seems there are many people who were just waiting to share what they'd say to finally be noticed by their crush. Here are some funny, memefilled but also somewhat sad tweets.

When your crush just cannot seem to take hints...

Crush bae is playing games 

One person relationship... Is there ever gtting out of the friendzone? Last but not least in the tales of unrequited love.

We hope the people behind the tweets are noticed by their potential baes and everyone has a happy ending. (If you have a pick up line could say to your crush what would it be?)

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