What's causing your morning sickness?

By Drum Digital
27 July 2015

"For some people it will work to raise the head off the bed so your head is higher than your feet."

What's one of the most common side effects of pregnancy? It's a safe bet you're thinking of morning sickness, as it's estimated that 75 per cent of expectant mothers experience it.

But what if you're feeling ill when you wake up even though you're not having a baby? There could be many reasons for this, with hormonal imbalance, stress and depression some of the reasons suggested by AMA Council of General Practice chair Dr Brian Morton.

Apparently being a morning or a night person can have an impact too, as it's hormones which decide this. If the body isn't able to release the hormones it should at certain times of the day, like adrenalin in the morning, you could be left feeling queasy. Dr. Morton explained that body clocks are different for everyone, and when it comes to women having monthly hormonal changes it can mean they fluctuate weekly too.

Another reason for feeling poorly when you wake could be reflux, caused when acid makes its way up the throat because there is an issue keeping it in the stomach.

"You might get a bitter taste in the mouth or pain at the lower part of the abdomen,” Dr. Morton told Daily Mail Australia.

"For some people it will work to raise the head off the bed so your head is higher than your feet."

Eating regularly can also help, as can ensuring you don't have anything too heavy just before you drop off.

Even things like anxiety, depression and stress can make you feel nauseous when you wake up. Usually this will be because you're thinking about the day ahead and what it'll entail, meaning it could be part of your everyday life which is causing your distress. Try to consider what is worrying you and tackle it, whether it's work or a personal problem. Speaking to a counsellor or even your doctor can also help you get to the bottom of things.

While these can all be causes of morning sickness, don't suffer unduly. Antacid tablets can be good if you have reflux, whereas if you struggle in the AM anyway ensuring you get adequate sleep is a step in the right direction.

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