When is it time to change stylists?

By Drum Digital
07 November 2014

There are clear moments when you realise it's time to change your stylist.

Here are  sure signs that it's time to let go:

You have to redo your hair when you leave the salon

Every time you get your hair done, you get home and have to  “fix it.”  You are paying for a service, so you should get what you desire.

Your stylist wants to trim your hair every visit

If your stylist is convincing you to trim your hair every four weeks (with no split ends), you will never retain length.  A lot of stylists these days suggest every six to eight weeks, which is much more reasonable.

Your hair is damaged

The whole point of paying a stylist is because they have expertise in caring for hair. If your hair is still damaged, or becomes damaged after seeing a stylist, rethink WHO your stylist is!

Your hair's health doesn't appear to be priority

If your stylist doesn’t care about the integrity of your hair and will take money for anything you ask, run! You want a stylist that isn't in it just for the money, but because they have a passion for healthy hair.

Your weave looks like a wig

The point is for the extensions to look natural.  If your hair looks like a wig was plopped on top of your head, you probably need to find a new weavologist.

They continuously double-book

There’s nothing worse than having a 9am appointment and you don’t get in the chair until 10. On top of that, you are sitting in the washbowl for another 30 minutes while s/he finishes up another client. If they don’t care about your time, then you shouldn't spend your money on them. Your time is valuable.

You know more about hair than them

If they don’t know any of the new terms or new trends, you should start looking for someone else. You should always feel educated by your stylist, not the other way around.

They aren’t good stylists

If you constantly leave out of the salon with your hair super weighed down, or find that your tracks are showing, or any other annoying mishap, it’s time to go. EBONY 

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