When your partner continues to change

By Drum Digital
24 November 2014

Have you ever looked at your partner and wondered who they had become?

You will probably ask yourself this question, not because you don’t love your spouse anymore, but because you are learning and experiencing a side of them that is new to you.

There is no set time for this revelation, but you need to embrace the change.

Here are five suggestions to help you make it through this season and come out stronger than before:

  • Don’t fight the change

Understand that it is a new season, not a bad season.

  • Talk often

Talk through the rough patches and work on an arrangement that suits you both in terms of working around the changes.

  • Discover new joys

This is an opportunity to be a little more vulnerable and yourselves up to new discoveries.

  • Be patient

Marriage is like school. You are learning something new every day. Be patient through this learning process as well.

  • Eliminate sarcasm and stop complaining

Speak life and love into your home. Sarcasm and complaining only make the space between you two bigger.


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