While one gets gigs for his voice, the other loses them

By Drum Digital
01 September 2016

Seasoned actor, Luthuli Dlamini is best known for sweet talking and serenading viewers with his husky voice on television ads, shows, or even on radio.

Ladies love Luthuli’s voice, but it seems movie producers don’t. In an interview with TMG Entertainment, he says he struggles to find work because of his voice.

"Especially in the last five years or so when they are looking for an authentic Zulu accent and a delivery that is authentically Zulu," Luthuli explained.

"It has affected me because I feel like, given the script and if the dialogue is given to me in Zulu, I can learn it like any other language. There are a number of Zulu roles, or vernacular roles, that I would have loved to play but weren't given because of my accent," he said.

The actor was born in Zimbabwe, but was raised in England, that’s where his accent comes from

While Luthuli says he struggles to find work particularly for Zulu roles because of his voice, Treasure Tshabalala’s voice seems to be doing quite the opposite.

Image: Lethoya Makhene, Twitter Image: Lethoya Makhene, Twitter

The two are equality matched in the richness of their voices, but Treasure is getting more roles on television particularly in Zulu speaking roles.

Most notably, his sultry voice saw him fit to be cast in the mini-series, Shaka Zulu, and is fluent in Zulu, English and Swazi.

The two actors continue to talk their way into people’s hearts every day, but  it seems that each’s life is heading in opposite directions.

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