Why aren't they happy for you?

By Drum Digital
12 November 2014

You and your mate must always be a united front and share a bond that outside influences can’t break.

Not everyone wants your relationship succeed.

Here are a few people who might not be very happy about your healthy relationship.


Sometimes they’re jealous and concerned about “losing” their child to someone else. Your sibling might still be looking for their perfect partner and wonder why you’ve managed to find yours.


Even though you’ve been her BFF since childhood or college, now the reality is that your lifestyle is shifting and hers may not be. Your priorities are different now and she can’t quite relate because she hasn’t entered this stage yet. Maybe your boys think you’re changing too much and neglecting them for a woman. They tell you you’re sprung and getting soft, when in reality you’re just trying to build a family. Many times they won’t understand until they begin to do the same.


Many exes cannot handle you truly moving on. The minute they sense your happiness in your relationship, you hear suggestions that you turn your ex-as-friends situation to a “let’s try to rekindle this thing-ship!” Suddenly they promise to do all the things they didn’t do before try to throw doubt into your new relationship. DON’T FALL FOR IT!


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