Why Bonang stays winning

By Drum Digital
27 June 2016

It's fact, whether one likes to admit it or not media personality Bonang Matheba is the Queen of SA entertaiment and as many call her the 'Queen of Everything'.

The girl keeps slaying each and everything she does and setting trends. We looked at her and found out five of the many reasons why she is winning. So if you wondered; 'What is it with this Bonang girl?', here's five reasons;

  1. Consistency- From the time she started, Bonang has been consistent, the way she potrays herself, the way she does her job and her energy have always stayed the same. Her star has grown bigger but her consistency stays the same.
  2. She knows her brand well- Bonang doesn't do stuff out of character to the brand she has sold us. The way she dresses, her hairstyles, the way she conducts herself always connects to the image she continues to sell us. Her ability to know her brand helps her align herself with other brands that work for her.
  3. Her talent is unquestionable- Bonang is probably one of the most talented media personalities in the country. When she does her job, she always does it so well that she leaves many impressed and wanting more.
  4. She takes her work seriously- Many who have worked with her have attested to this, she has a great work ethic and always brings her best foot forward.
  5. Her slayage is on point- From her hair, make up, clothes and shoes, Bonang slays. She always looks picture perfect, you would swear the saying; 'Pretty as a picture' was coined for her.

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