"Why does it sometimes feel like I'm competing with her friends for attention?" - Pearl Thusi

By Drum Digital
28 February 2017

Taking time out to once again reflect on the joys of motherhood on her blog, Pearl said that this time it feels as though she's competing with her daughters friends for her attention

She said that while she was on a 5 hour flight between LA and NYC, she found herself with nothing to do, and while she was trying to find something to keep her busy on the long flight, she said she spotted "the window-seat-thief" that was her neighbour, "watching what looks like a super cool animated film."

Pearl took some time to expand and elaborate on this. "As moms - we love to pretend we hate watching animated films but when we discuss movies that our kids love - based on the expressions on our faces, it becomes obvious that these films are epics for us as well. And I realize I buy my daughter my favorite frozen apparel that I’d be obsessed with if I were her age… ok fine - that I’m obsessed with, until she started loving ‘Monster High’," she said.

"This broke my heart and I felt betrayed that she didn’t make me feel cool and that she didn’t involve me in this new journey of hers of loving these monster inspired barbie wanna-be’s. But, after watching many episodes with her- I then decided I also liked it once she clued me in," she added.

It made her wonder, "why does it sometimes feel like I'm competing with her friends for attention?"

She was a little disappointed in the fact that her daughter and her friends had moved on to something new while she was being left behind.

"But why do they make her love new stuff without telling me first so I can, like all cool moms, prepare for it and keep my street- cred as the coolest of them all? Rude."

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