Why "No New Friends" shouldn't be your motto

By Drum Digital
05 August 2014

Don't allow yourself to miss out on future potential successes based on popular social ideologies. We are here to grow and expand.

While this attitude may apply well to your personal life, it might be a detrimental approach to your career.

Here are some reasons you may need new friends as you progress professionally.

1. We only grow in the context of our relationships

 Networking is one of the most important aspects of being able to move up the ladder, regardless of what field you're in. Closing yourself off from possible contacts and opportunities goes against all your deepest aspirations.

2. We are only a person a way from our breakthrough

What if you were literally one person away from the opportunity you've been seeking? But because of having a limited mindset, you missed the person who was designed to bless you? Be open.

3. We can learn from the mistakes of others

Learning from someone who has failed and succeeded ahead of you is highly important,why make all you own mistakes?


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