Why she won't go out with you again

By Drum Digital
03 September 2014

Here are a few things you may have done that turned you from potential partner to "don't answer".

So, you've taken the plunge and gone on the first date.

After the actual date, you're under the impression things have gone well but she isn't responding to your smses or returning your phone calls.

You’re distracted

Constantly checking your phone or keeping track of the news or the score while on a date is not a good look. Show her the date is priority – give 100% of your attention to her on the date.

You’re inconsiderate

Everybody likes and deserves to be valued.   Don’t be late with no warning, for example, as this is an early warning sign for her.

You communicate poorly

Say what’s on your mind, be upfront. Beating about the bush is unattractive and gives her the impression you’re trying to hide something.

Your behaviour is demoralising

Don’t stare at her body while she’s speaking to you. Make an attempt to connect on a real level and try not to make remarks about her physical appearance too often.

Bad table manners

Nobody’s suggesting you behave like you’re at a formal dinner, but showing some regard for your fellow diner will go a long way.

You’re disrespectful

Staring at other women, talking down to her or anything that implies she should “stay in her place” are all things that will get you added to the “DO NOT ANSWER” list.

Poor personal hygiene

Unpleasant smells, dirty clothes, or funky breath as well as dirty nails and wrinkled clothes are just some examples.  Make as much of an effort as you know you’d appreciate in return.


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