Why this man was denied entry to Dubai?

By Drum Digital
18 August 2014

A man with 453 piercings, horns was sent back from Dubai Airport.

Authorities at Dubai International Airport put Rolf Buchholz, back on a flight to where he had come from, preventing him from entering the country. According to a report in Emarat Al Youm, Rolf, a German national, with 453 piercings and horns was sent back to Turkey. The man was reportedly coming to Dubai to make an appearance at a night club show which was to have strangest people in the world on display.


According to media reports, Rolf is a computer programmer who has had extensive plastic surgery to get this look. Rolf was recognised by the Guinness Book of Records in 2012 as the world's most pierced man.

-Source: emirates247.com

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