Why we are interested in Katlego Danke

By Drum Digital
03 May 2016

Former Generations actress Katlego Danke is among one of the most searched for names on entertainment websites.

Katlego is one of those stars who not only get numbers when there is a story about them but she also sells most of the magazine covers she graces. Here are a few reasons why even after over a decade in the industry Katlego is still sought after and what other celebs can learn from this;

Keep it private- No one has known who Katlego's man is for a long time now. She has a child and no one knows who the father is. And apart from a picture or two she keeps her personal life away from social media.

Stay consistent- Katlego has always been consistent even in how she handles her interviews, she always decides to talk about her work and say little or nothing about her personal life. She doesn't change this but stays with it. This makes people want to know more about her so much no matter how little she gives people are ready to buy a magazine or read online about it.

She is not all over- Unlike some celebrities who become more well known for attending parties and events rather than what they actually do, Katlego is rarely seen out and about. That makes it interesting when you see her and gets the media wanting to take pictures and do interviews because you may not see her again in a long while.

She keeps looking good- From her days on Backstage to Generations, you would swear Katlego never aged. Even after her son's birth she still has that great body. She has never let herself go.

Katlego is currently Vodacom's Dr Yebo who they call the Data Guru and also presents Powerball.

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