Why we love DJ Zinhle

By Drum Digital
02 September 2015

The mother and businesswoman spoke to Gareth Cliff candidly on his breakfast show and we ate all of her humility, hard working ethic and honesty up.

This morning, DJ Zinhle joined Gareth Cliff on his digital radio station, Cliff Central, for the last hour of his breakfast show and we must say, we've always been about her but now we love her even more.

The mother and businesswoman spoke to Gareth candidly and we ate all of her humility, hard working ethic and honesty up.

We learnt a lot and it's only fair that we share. So see below for some of the things that make us love her even more.

She comes from humble beginnings

Before moving to Danhause in KZN, Zinhle used to live in an area where they had to walk long distances to fetch water and they had no electricity.

She learned to play with vinyls

Zinhle got the hang of DJ'ing by doing it like all the legends did - with vinyls. Her brother was her teacher.

She's competed with the best of the 'boys'

Because Zinhle was a member of a close to non-existent club of female DJs, she had to compete against the likes of Claude and Chyna when she started out. Today, she's bigger than them both.

She doesn't have any famous friends

Zinhle kept referring to one of her best friends and business partner Nomndeni Ndaki as one of the strongest people she knows and insists all her friends are out of the spotlight. She prefers it this way because she referred to well-known faces as pretty much, fake.

She's humble

When Gareth would refer to how beautiful she is Zinhle kept deflecting from her gorgeous face and slim figure although having given birth only two months ago, and when the Idols judge alluded to her being the best female DJ in SA, she only said, "I hope so".

She's making good money

The KZN native revealed that she would be getting paid a cool R70 000 for an event she will be playing this coming weekend. Also, she's debt-free at the age of 32. So she doesn't owe her house or car. She even pays for her e-tolls!

Isn't bothered by social media

She admits that it used to be hard in the beginning when she was using social media because of the trolls, even mentioned one user that said she looked like a man. But now, she brushes it all off by laughing. She even had a good laugh with all the comments about her break-up with AKA.

She's a cryer

The 32-year-old beauty says that she cries a lot and about almost everything, even citing the moments when her daughter smiles as tearjerkers.

She's fiercely private

When asked about her breakup with AKA and for her to tell her side of the story, she simply said: 'I don't have a side of the story. I mean, I'm sure you saw my statement, and in my statement I said I am not discussing this thing any further". But she does insist that she and AKA are still good friends.

She loves looking good

Miss Zee insists that she always puts her best food forward whenever she's making any kind of public appearance and even said that she drills that notion into the heads of the girls in her DJ academy because "you need to stand out" and "people should know who the DJ is".

There were many more moments that made us fall hard for Zinhle but we could only fit in these 10. If you want to hear her say it for yourself, access the interview here

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