Why we love to hate Dineo's diary

By Drum Digital
15 May 2015

Vuzu's Dineo's Diary is by far the most popular and most watched reality show.

This is a program where camera's have been following Dineo Ranaka and the rest of the Ranaka's around since 2013.

There are a couple of things we like about the show and yes, the ones we do not like.

Let us start with the good news; the things we like about the show and the content:

  • The raw honesty; Of course they are not telling us all their business, but the little drama we get is hard enough to keep us glued to our screens.
  • The family involvement; Dineo has recently introduced her brother, Ziggy, to the show and the cast is slowly growing.
  • The support; The family attend everything that Dineo gets involved in and visa versa (sometimes).
  • The family apologizes to one another.
  • Great supers; the style that names, position and roles are very creative.
  • Editing style; the overall production is great. They show us what we want to see.

Now, the things we do not like and find ourselves questioning:

  • The physical fights; the klaps and jabs are probably promoting violence.
  • The bleeps; there is too much swearing in the program, but at least they are being bleeped out.
  • The children are getting too involved in the show, and mostly during fights and arguments, to be exact.
  • The forever changing cast member or should we say friends and business associates/ partners/designers.
  • The show might be too dramatic, one person can't move from one dramatic to another dramatic situation, it is beginning to come off as scripted.

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