Will the Matabane marriage make it?

By Drum Digital
28 July 2010

DINNER by candlelight, red roses and romantic poems...sounds as if someone is trying hard to win over his sweetheart. But poor Bra Zeb – going all out on the romance front might still not be enough to save his failing marriage to his long-suffering wife, Agnes.

Ma Agnes, as the Matabane matriarch is affectionately known on The Deep, has had enough of her untrustworthy husband and has finally served him with divorce papers. Now the businessman is pulling out all the stops to win her back and, as Isidingo fans will tell you, is embarrassing himself hopelessly in the process.But can you blame Ma Agnes for putting an end to her marriage? After all, Zeb’s list of indiscretions is long. Not only did he sleep with the help, he demanded to take his makhwapeni as a second wife. Then there’s the fact he fathered a child out of wedlock, broke up the marriage of his son, Parsons, and of course, went behind Agnes’ back and impregnated their makoti, Thandi.

It might be hard to have sympathy for the man but at least one person believes Bra Zeb is just misunderstood. “What people fail to see is the fact that, despite everything else, Zeb has good intentions this time,” says Mlangeni Nawa, the man who has portrayed Zeb for more than a decade. “He might be responsible for the rift in his family but he was just trying to ensure the Matabanes have an heir to carry the family name.”

However, the 51-year-old actor admits, Zeb isn’t an angel. “He has his weaknesses so although there’s a chance she’ll forgive him, so much has happened in their marriage that it’ll be an uphill battle.”

Agnes is heartbroken and there’s a real possibility it’s all over for her and Zeb, says Keketso Semoko (45), the actress who plays Agnes. “The reason she finds it difficult to forgive is that when Zeb discussed Thandi’s situation with her, the two were in fact trying to have a baby of their own as the Matabane family doesn’t have an heir. Hha, this time Zeb is not getting off easily!”

So could this really be the beginning of the end for one of the most-loved couples in soapieland?

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